Auto Care This Winter

Man pouring antifreeze from plastic canister into windshield washer fluid reservoir, closeup

When the seasons transition from fall to winter, you would prepare your home for the weather changes. The same consideration should be done for your vehicle. Not sure how to prepare or care for your car this winter, here are some tips to caring for your automobile this season.

Fill Your Gas Tank

When it is winter, you need to make sure that your gas tank is never near empty. Keep it at least half full to help prevent fuel lines from freezing. No matter what time of the year, it is never wise to have a car on empty as it can damage your car’s engine, but the winter elements can exacerbate problems, so keep gas in your tank. While you do want gas in the tank on the other side of the coin, you do not need to overfill your tank either. Too much gas in the tank can freeze, which can damage your fuel injectors.

Change Oil & Filter

You may have recently changed your oil, but with the changing weather, you still need to check that the oil and filter are fine. Oil can thicken with the colder temperatures, so check to see if your vehicle needs a multi-viscosity oil specifically created for winter.

Lubricate the Door Hinges

Have you ever stepped outside on a cold winter morning to head to work, only to have trouble getting into your vehicle? As winter approaches, check the door hinges of your vehicle to see that they are properly lubricated, so they are not stiff and hard to open.

Test Car Brakes

In the winter, there is rain, snow, and ice. Make sure that your brakes are able to work quickly on the roads with these conditions.

Check Anti-freeze

You need anti-freeze as it helps keep the water in the radiator from freezing. Check the levels of anti-freeze in your car when the temperatures begin to drop with the coming of winter.

Check Your Tires

Just like your brakes, you need proper-working tires with good tread to help you drive on roads with winter conditions. Make sure that your tires are aligned and rotated properly.

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Test and Examine Your Battery

You need a strong battery during winter time. You can often find yourself stranded in the cold if you have a weak battery. Check the voltage to see if you need to charge your battery or even replace it.

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