Clean Your House This Season For The Holidays

Man cleaning the leaves out of his gutter


The holidays will soon be here. Everyone is transitioning from the summer decorations to their favorite holiday home accents. Before you start donning your house is wreaths, garlands, cornucopias, lights, and more, make sure your home is spick and span for the holiday season with this fall cleaning checklist to deep clean your home.

Cleaning the Living Room

The living room is the center of the home where everyone gathers to watch movies and play games. It’s important to regularly dust and vacuum the space. When preparing for the fall and holiday season, remember to dust the often-forgotten areas. These spaces include ceiling fans, the ceiling, window blinds, and the tops of high furniture.

Cleaning the Kitchen

There are many things to cover when you clean the kitchen. Remember to declutter your refrigerator, pantry, and cupboards. Take time to also clean the baseboards, tops of cabinets, and doorframes. These tasks will go a long way to creating an immaculate space in the kitchen.

Cleaning the Bathrooms

When you are deep cleaning your bathroom for the fall, go beyond the basic steps of cleaning the showers, sinks, and toilets. Clean the vent covers and light fixtures. Be sure to also clean and whiten the grout in the bathroom.

Cleaning the Bedrooms

Aside from making your bed and vacuuming or sweeping, there are a few extra steps you can take to make your bedroom look great for the fall. This is the perfect time to take down your curtains to wash, dry, and put them back up. While you wash your bedding, this is also an ideal time to vacuum and rotate your mattress.

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Cleaning the Yard & Patio

The front yard and patio are what your guests see first and what your neighbors view every day. Use the fall season as an excuse to power wash your porch, sidewalk, and driveway. This is also a great time to clean your gutters, mulch your lawn, and check weatherstripping. Add some personality and color as you are caring for your patio area by planting beautiful fall flowers.

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