Take A Sip Of This Earl Grey Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate Mug

Colder months are here. That means it’s time for the unmistakable aroma of smoke wafting from fireplaces and firepits across local neighborhoods, delighting our olfactory senses. It puts you in the mood for a nice mug of hot chocolate. Even better? A nice mug of hot chocolate with tea. It’s really quite good. In fact, it’s amazing. Take a sip of this Earl Grey hot chocolate and you be the judge. It’s easy to make and perfect on a chilly day or night.

Food Pairing

We know what you might already be wondering about. Some tasty finger foods go with hot chocolate. Others go with black tea. So what should you nibble on with my sweet hot beverage? Luckily, it’s not that difficult a question to answer. You’ve probably had some absolutely scrumptious scones with your piping hot tea in the past. You may have even added a nice jam for a little extra flavor. Deliciously warm cinnamon buns, lemon cakes, biscuits, and of course, the aptly named tea cakes are all nice options as well. Hot chocolate on the other hand calls for such nibbles as chocolate chip cookies, rolled wafers, sugar cookies, candy canes, and more. But if you notice the common thread here, the suggested snack paired with both tea and hot chocolate is typically sweet. So in our view, when you marry these two tantalizing flavors into one steaming hot mug, just about any finger food will be perfect.

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Prep Tips

Consider these tips when you prepare your Earl Gray hot chocolate. For one, part of the recipe includes a cream topping which is to die for. Whip it only slightly. Another suggestion: don’t boil the cream and milk. Just bring it to a simmer so you don’t burn the milk. Finally, if you don’t have a handheld milk frother, don’t worry. An immersion blender will work just as well. This is an easy and quick recipe that we think you’ll absolutely love. Give it a try the next time we have a cold day.

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