Easy And Affordable Fall DIY Home Décor

Front Porch Decorated for Autumn with Buffalo Plaid

It’s fall! That means it’s time for pumpkins, scarecrows, burnt orange, apple cider, and falling leaves everywhere. Best of all it’s an opportunity to refresh your home’s interior with decorations that match the season. The easiest and cheapest way to decorate for fall is to use the colorful, ready-made accessories created by nature. You can use fallen leaves, harvest vegetables, or fall blooms to spruce up your home with ease. These cost-effective DIY Fall décor projects are simple and classy, and they don’t a lot of time to complete.

Decorate With Pumpkins

Pumpkins are one of the biggest symbols of the harvest season. You can use the huge fruit to adorn your front porch, organize miniature pumpkins on a table display, or paint words or designs on them for a standalone decoration.  Here are some creative ways to use pumpkins in your fall décor this year.

  • Pumpkin Candleholder – Use this guide to carve a pumpkin into a candle.
  • Fall Vignette -Take a look at these tips and make a vignette using pumpkins, gourds, and leaves.
  • Painted Pumpkins – If you’re not adept at carving pumpkins, try your hand at painting them instead. Here are a few ideas.

Use Fall Leaves

Fallen leaves decorate the great outdoors in hues of yellow, orange, red, and brown. You can use their natural beauty in your own fall décor using some of the ideas below.

  • Burlap Candle – Gather a mason jar, burlap, and fallen leaves to create a fall candle with this tutorial from Garden Therapy.
  • Leafy fall Branches – Cut away small branches with colorful leaves still attached and arrange them in a vase.
  • Preserved fall leaves – Use a moisturizer to keep fallen leaves from curling and browning or preserve them using decoupage. Once you’ve treated the leaves so they maintain their fall colors, scatter them on a table or mantel surrounding a centerpiece.

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Transform House Hold Items

You don’t have to purchase new crafting materials to make a great fall display. You can use repurpose items you already have. Try a few of the ideas below to save money and create memorable fall decorations.

  • Repurposed Glassware – If you have a large cookie jar or vase made of glass or another transparent material, you can make a great fall centerpiece by filling it with miniature pumpkins, squash, or gourds.
  • Serving Dish Displays – Use large dishes to make a display. If you have a large serving plate of a tiered cake rack, create an arrangement of harvest fruit, gourds, nuts and leaves.

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