Easy Crockpot Dinners To Try This Season

One of the joys of the fall season is coming home from to work to the wonderful smell of a hearty meal that your Crock Pot has already cooked. The slow-cooker or Crock Pot has become an indispensable tool in the kitchen, because — let’s be honest here — no one really wants to cook after they’ve already put in a hard day at the job site or office. In the fall, slow-cooker recipes tend to be heartier fare, comfort foods that really hit the spot. Working through this list of 15 super easy slow cooker recipes, we found some that we really love.

Simplicity Itself

Some people call these slow cooker meals “dump meals” because you just dump the ingredients into the crock pot, close the lid, and set the timer. A few hours later, it’s done! Chicken Ranch Tacos are right up our alley on this one, and it really is an easy recipe. Use two boneless, skinless chicken breasts, one cup of salsa, one packet of ranch dressing seasoning mix, and one tablespoon of taco seasoning. Toss all of that into the slow cooker, set it for eight hours on low, and then when it’s done, shred those chicken breasts and serve them on tortillas. Easy and delicious.

Hearty Fare

One of the old standbys for slow-cookers is pot roast, and we really like the Mississippi Roast recipe. Take a three- to four-pound chuck roast and season it with salt and pepper. Add a quarter cup of butter, a packet of ranch seasoning mix, a packet of dry au jus (or brown gravy) mix, and a few pepperoncini peppers. Then cook it on low heat for eight to 10 hours. By the time the slow cooker has worked its magic, that pot roast will be so tender that it’ll just about fall apart. Serve it over some mashed potatoes, and you’ll have a wonderful meal that will keep you full and happy.

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What to Know

Your slow cooker is a great tool that doesn’t require a lot of attention. But be careful not to overfill it, or it may not cook correctly (and even worse, it could make a pretty big mess to clean up).

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