Enjoy These Activities Before Summer Ends

Tie-dye t-shirts hanging on the rope outdoors on a terrace

Have you exhausted all of your summer plans? You have taken the kids for a swim, walked through every museum, read every book in the public library, and even taken a few much-needed vacations, but your kids are getting bored on hot summer days. If you still have a couple of days before school starts, don’t waste any time. Soak up the sun and freedom before the kids hit the books with these summertime activities.

Go to an Amusement Park

Rollercoasters, kiddie rides, merry go rounds, and funnel cakes – what more could your kids want? Amusement parks are super fun for the family, but they can sometimes be expensive to attend. If you haven’t been to one this summer and you want to end the summer of 2022 with a bang, hop on a hot ride to kiss the season goodbye. Your kiddos won’t forget these family memories!

Try Something Delicious

Do your kids love to help you in the kitchen? If you have a recipe you have been meaning to try, now is the time. Once school starts back, there will be homework to complete, appointments to make, and soccer balls to kick. Invite your kiddos in the kitchen to make those homemade cookies you pinned or the pasta dish you have been craving. Then, sit down as a family and enjoy a tasty treat together.

Make a Slip-n-Slide

Slip your way through the rest of summer with a slip-n-slide. This easy, affordable, and entertaining hack will have the little ones giggling with joy. Who says you need a pool when you have a tarp, sprinkler, and soap anyways? Invite your neighbors over and cool off with this fun activity.

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DIY Tie-Dye Shirts

Who says the kids need a brand new wardrobe every school year? Instead of emptying your pockets before class starts, use a tie-dye kit to make some fun and funky shirts for the kiddos to wear to school. They can pick their colors and have a blast making some new pieces for their closet.

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