Fun Things To Do During Winter

Father teaching his son to board on snow

The festivities of the holidays are a fun distraction from the cold of winter, but once all the holidays have passed there are still three more months of cold weather to contend with. Winter doesn’t have to be a three months of shivering and boredom though. Check out this amazing list of fun things you can do to have fun and get active this winter

Fun Things To Do At Home

Why go out in the cold when you don’t have to? There are plenty of things to occupy your time and stimulate your mind indoors. You can make a list of your favorite movies and have a movie marathon, for starters. To make it more interesting, create a themed list. For examples, you can make a list of the best romantic comedies, the best spy movies, or your little ones favorite princess movies.  If you’d rather do something a little more interactive, try hosting a murder mystery party, buy a few board games and have a game night, or order a subscription to Hunt A Killer and solve the case as with your family.

Fun Indoor Activities To Do

Staying inside your home all winter might make you a little batty. Thankfully you can go out with friends, family, or solo and still stay warm if you choose they right activities. For instance you can take your family to go see a performance at your local theatre. After the show you can visit a local coffee shop or try a new restaurant. Not into theatre? Grab a group of two to eight friends and test your skills as escape artists at Tri -State Escape Breakout Games.

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Fun Things to Do Outdoors

If you have no problem braving the cold temperatures, winter offers an array of unique activities that you can’t do any other time of year. For a really fun blast, layer up and go ice fishing with a few friends. You can pack up a cooler full of snacks and hydration and enjoy a day catching fish and socializing.  Or you can plan a trip to a nearby ski resort like Perfect North Slopes, strap on a pair of skis or a snowboard and hit the slopes.

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