Gather Your Friends For Tri-State Escape Games

four friends in an Escape Room

If you and your friends or family enjoy puzzles, working on solutions together, or just want a fun way to spend your night, try Tri-State Escape Games! Choose from six fun rooms where you have an hour to solve puzzles to escape. For a rate of $25.00 a person, or big group rates for groups of 16 or more, enjoy a great way to bond with your friends!

Historical Escape

Travel back to Ancient Egypt where your group attempts to be the first to enter into an undisturbed pharaoh’s tomb and escape alive. This tomb is said to be filled with jewels, gold, and other artifacts that will amaze the world. Can you and your friends escape with your lives, and maybe some marvels, intact?

Escape from Egypt contains some physical elements, similar to playground equipment. The room requires at least four players.

Horror Room Fun

After the passing of your great-grandfather, the only way you can collect your inheritance is to enter into the haunted manor. Can you collect your inheritance and leave the haunted house alive? Find out when you play A Haunting at Winchester Manor!

Checking into Room 13 after a long day of driving, you thought you were going to be able to enjoy a good night’s sleep at the Crimson Lake Motel. However, the room appears to never have been abandoned. You try to call the front desk but the phone will not ring and the door remains closed. You realize you have to find your own way out. Will you make it out or become the next haunting resident?

Mysterious deaths keep occurring at Waverly Sanitorium. Curious about the happenings, you and some friends go and explore. Will you uncover Waverly’s secrets or meet the same fate as the previous victims? Find out when you play Secrets of Waverly!

Locked in the Brig?

After being taken captive by a private ship and locked away, you hear the British navy start to bomb the vessel. The ship quickly catches fire and starts to sink. Will you be able to escape the brig in time or go down with the ship? Find out by playing Capitan’s Curse!

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Jail Break

Go back to the wild west when you play Jail Break. After robbing a stagecoach and shooting down the marshall, you have been tired and are set to hang. The Sheriff leaves with the Mayor to better prepare for your hanging and you realize you have a shot. Will you be able to escape before the Sheriff returns? Or will you be hitting the gallows?

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