Get The Scoop On SuperHero Creamery

Comic books on a window retail display

Be honest. Whether you are secretly or proudly a fan of D&D, LOTR, or Marvel movies, there is a nerd inside all of us. Sometimes, you would love nothing more to find a place that plays to that side of your personality. SuperHero Creamery does just that with ice cream, comic books, and collector’s items. Ah, a sweet dorkish delight.

Comic Bookstore

SuperHero Creamery offers patrons a handsome collection of comic books. Find your favorites to read. SuperHero has comfortable seating if you want to stay a while. The store is outfitted with comic paraphernalia everywhere. There are images of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman throughout the store, including a Batman statue and a Superman figure bursting through the brick wall above the frozen yogurt machines. You can also spot Star Wars gear and the Captain American shield. There are shelves and shelves of collectibles and comics for purchase.

Frozen Yogurt & Ice Cream Store

If you come for the comics, then you will stay for the frozen treats. There is a wall of frozen yogurt machines that offer an array of flavors. For ice cream fans, there are plenty of options as well. Grab a cup of frozen yogurt or a scoop of ice cream and top it with your favorite toppings. SuperHero also offers blizzards as well as coffee drinks for the adult who needs to keep up with the kids who are hopped up on sugar or their comic-obsessed spouse.

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Other Novelties

Along with ice cream and comic books, SuperHero Creamery has an on-site t-shirt printing business. They make t-shirts with your favorite comic heroes. Do you consider yourself the artist? Well, SuperHero also has pottery painting. From menorahs to mugs, you can paint a variety of pottery trinkets in the store.

SuperHero Creamy truly offers something for everyone. It is conveniently located at the Ashland Mall. Come check out the comic books the store has in stock. Grab a scoop of ice cream, sit down, and read your favorite comic. You will love visiting this store!

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