Kiss Dry Winter Skin Goodbye With These Tips

Woman holding jar of moisturizing cream, closeup.

While it is the most wonderful time of the year to celebrate love and enjoy holiday festivities, the winter season is not all entirely kind to your skin. From dry and chapped skin to redness and irritation, your skin experience a lot of discomfort this season if you do not provide it with nourishing comfort. Avoid bad winter skin with these simple skincare tips.

Cover Up

This may sound really simple, but if you want your skin to evade dryness and irritation, then you are going to have to cover up your skin. Do not be stubborn about wearing layers. This includes wearing gloves and scarves to protect your hands and neck area.

Drink Water

It is easy to understand the benefit of drinking water during the warm summer months, but you need to continue drinking fresh H2O during the winter months as well. Staying thoroughly hydrated will do wonders for your skin.


It is amazing how many people forgo moisturizing their skin, especially a lot of young people. They think putting lotion on is an older woman’s game, but if you want to have silky skin, then you need to moisturize now. This is even more true during the winter season. For the best results, you should use a moisturizer that is created to combat winter elements twice a day.


To properly care for your skin during the winter, you need to take the time to exfoliate. Removing the dead layer of skin helps your body to better absorb moisturizer. For a great exfoliating experience, use a scrub that uses antioxidants and essential oils.

Be Active

Get moving. That’s right. Having an active lifestyle can positively affect your skin’s health. While you may not be as motivated to get out during the cold, winter months, you need to stay active by stretching and doing workouts that provide adequate movements that improve circulation to the skin.

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Take Warm Baths

While the cold temperatures may tempt you to take a hot shower, you actually should avoid taking hot showers. The extreme temperature can be damaging to your skin as the heat can mess up your skin’s lipid barrier, which affects the level of moisture in your body. Instead, you should take warm baths during the winter time.

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