Tips On Caring For Your Pet This Winter


Are you a dog lover? Then you want to keep your dog warm and healthy during the colder times. And here in Kentucky, the mercury can drop quite a bit on occasion. But with these tips on caring for your pet this winter, you can help your dog stay happy.

Paw Care

If we get any snow around here, your dog may want to go play in it. Or you may want to take your dog out for a walk in it. At the very least, your dog will need to go outside to take care of his or her business. When your dog comes back in, check their paws to make sure there’s no snow packed inside that could cause frostbite. In addition, if there is salt or de-icer in the area, make sure you wash you dog’s paws to remove any chemicals.

Winter Bedding

Make sure you dog has a warm place to sleep. If your dog isn’t an inside dog it’s important that you bring them inside when the outside temperature is cold. Their fur does not keep them as warm as they need to be.


Make sure your dog is getting plenty of water. Sure, during the summer your furry friend needs some H2O in order to battle the heat, but it’s equally important during the winter. You see, your heater can warm your dog quite a bit inside, and even dehydrate him or her without enough water.

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Watch For Toxic Substances

People put anti-freeze in their vehicles during the winter time. If this spills, it will taste very sweet to dogs and they will want to lick it. This is very toxic, and can even be fatal. To be safe, try to make sure your dog is only drinking water from their bowl at home.

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