Tips For Running Safely This Autumn

Close up of runner’s feet running in autumn leaves training exercise


For some, the crisp autumn air seems to give them more energy. This time of year, you will see plenty of people donning the beanies and lacing up their sneakers for an early morning jog or walk. The weather is ideal, and it is a great excuse to catch up with friends. If you love to run in the fall, bear in mind these safety tips so you can have the best time on the run.


The weather may be cooler, but if you are running or speed walking, then you are sweating. You need to replace the water you have lost by sweating by staying hydrated. Drink plenty of water before you plan to go run or walk. When you are done exercising, have something to drink such as water or a sports drink to refuel.

Wear Bright Colors

Unless you are planning to run in the middle of the day, you most likely will run early in the mornings or later in the evenings when you are not at work and the weather is cooler. While the temperature hasn’t risen at this time, neither has the sun. The twilight hours around dawn and dusk can make it difficult for drivers to see well. Make sure you are visible while running by wearing bright clothing.

Wear Layers

On the topic of clothing, it is ideal that you dress in layers when you run this time of year. Early mornings can get quite cold this season, so you want to dress appropriately. However, as you start moving and the sun starts coming up, the temperature gets warmer, and so do you. The sweatshirt you have on was good when you first started, but now it’s too much. Make sure you have on layers that you can easily take off as you run, so you can run comfortably the whole time.

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Watch Where You Are Going

The last thing you want to happen on a run is for you to fall. Keep your eyes on the path, watching out for fallen limbs, puddles, rocks, or slippery wet leaves. It may even be a good idea to wear a headlamp as you run in the early morning hours.

Simply play it safe as you run this fall season.

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