Tips For A Successful Camping Trip

There’s just something about the great outdoors. And now that it’s not too hot — and not yet too cold — it’s time to head outdoors and take in the scenic beauty of nature. We love a great camping trip, but there are ways to ensure you have the best camping trip. Even if you’re just starting out exploring the wild, there are ways to do it safely while still having the time of your life. Our friends over at Trekking Gears reminded us of the 15 best tips on camping for beginners.

Be Prepared

The Boy Scouts’ motto is golden when it comes to camping. Be prepared! Here’s some of the equipment that you shouldn’t leave home without:

  •  Sleeping bags
  •  Sleeping pads
  •  Camping pillow
  • Tent (and footprint, stakes)
  •  Headlamps or flashlights
  • Extra batteries
  •  Camp chairs
  •  Camp table or picnic table
  •  Lantern

Another thing to remember: Bring layers of clothing to wear, because in the fall the weather can change quickly. It may be cold and wet in the morning. Then by the time afternoon rolls around and the sun has risen, it can still get downright steamy. It’s also a good idea to pack rain gear just in case. Nobody wants to stand around getting soaked. In fact, getting caught out in the rain without a way to protect yourself is a downright downer of a time. A rain jacket (and pants) are a must as emergency supplies.

All Wet

Speaking of rain: You’ll want to be very careful where you pitch a tent. If you choose a campground in a low-lying area, you run the risk of your tent being overrun with water. That’s not a pleasant way for anyone to wake up, and it could be dangerous, too. Cold water lowers your body temperature. So be careful and choose a good clear camping space that’s not in a lowland.

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When You Go

Be careful where you start a fire. Your fire should always be at least fifteen feet from your tent, and you never, ever leave a fire unattended. Always make sure the fire is completely out before you break camp. And even during camp, always keep a shovel and a bucket of water nearby, just in case you need them!


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