Chow Down At The Hog’s Trough

Rack of baby back pork ribs on bbq grill.


Barbecue means a lot of different things to a lot of different folks, and lucky for us the folks over at The Hog’s Trough Barbecue Restaurant and Bar in Grayson, Kentucky, are experts at it all. Whether you’re looking for slow-smoked Texas-style beef brisket, tender barbecued chicken, or some excellent pulled pork or pork ribs, the staff at the Hog’s Trough will help you pig out.

Smoky Goodness

There’s not a bad dish on the menu, but if you really want to try something that gives you the flavor of barbecue in the Bluegrass State, we suggest trying the Hog’s Trough Platter, which comes with a half a barbecued chicken, a third of a pound of pulled pork, a third of a pound of beef brisket, and a half-rack of baby back ribs. It’s a perfect meal to share between two or three people, as it comes with four sides and four slices of garlic bread, too. We’re not saying it’s enough to feed an army, but y’all ain’t gonna leave hungry, either. Other highlights include homemade pork rinds on the appetizer menu, as well as deep-fried banana peppers. We’re getting hungry just thinking about ’em.

Low and Slow

Listen, if you’re not in the mood to chow down on that much barbecue, remember that The Hog’s Trough has you covered. On the lighter side, there’s a BBQ salad that can be topped with your favorite smoked meat or even loaded nachos with either pork or brisket. That’s some good eatin’ right there. The three-slider option is delicious, too. Pick your mini sandwich: pork, brisket, or chicken, and get three of them on light, fluffy buns. In the mood for some bar food? Try the wings, which can come “naked” or with one of five different sauces. You can order them all the way up to an 18-piece for heartier appetites or to share.

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When You Go

Remember that The Hog’s Trough is only open Thursday through Sunday, from ll a.m. until 9 p.m. or until the meat’s gone. Get there early to get yours. You can find the good folks over at The Hog’s Trough at 1051 N. State Highway in Grayson. They’ll treat you right.

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