How To Feng Shui Your Bedroom


Did you know, when you arrange your furniture in your bedroom, you could end up aligning your bed in something called the “coffin position?” With such an ominous name, it’s a faux pas that you probably don’t want to make. It means that when you lie down, your feet are pointing out the door. Ooh. Just to make sure you don’t jeopardize yourself with any other furniture arrangement, here are some tips on how to feng shui your bedroom.

Get A Headboard

When you have a headboard, it represents stability and support in your life. This is particularly true for your romantic relationships. Your headboard should be securely fastened to your bed so you can feel the strength in your life.

Declutter Underneath Your Bed

You don’t want to store stuff under your bed. Even something as simple as shoes can make you feel like you’re moving instead of resting. And luggage could make you feel like you are constantly on the go.

Reduce Electronics In Your Bedroom

Simply put, electronics just disrupt your sleep. Instead of scrolling through web sites, read a book if you need something to relax before you nod off for the night.

Set Up Two Nightstands

One nightstand won’t do. You need the symmetry of two nightstands in your bedroom. However they don’t necessarily have to match, so you can mix things up a bit if you want to.

No Work Items

Don’t set up your home office in your bedroom. It will make it harder for you to wind down at night and harder for you to stay focused and alert during the day.

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Bring In Fresh Flowers

Greenery is a nice addition to your bedroom. So are fresh flowers. Make sure you keep the water fresh and, of course, replace them with new flowers once they expire.

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