Four Outdoor Activities To Try With Your Kids

Mother and daughter spending time outdoors, embrace in the winter woods

It’s important to get outside with your little ones. Fresh air and time to enjoy nature and joyous movement is good for their well-being. As a bonus, the more they rip and run outdoors, the calmer they’ll be when it’s time to go home and relax. If you’re struggling to find things you can do with your kids in the winter, check out these four fun outdoor activities.

 1. Pine Cone Bird Feeders

Getting your kids outdoors more is easier when they’ve learned to appreciate all the things the outdoors have to offer. If you’re little ones are animal lovers, as most kids are, encourage them to enjoy activities like bird watching. You can purchase a birdhouse or DIY one to place in your back yard. Then, make these pine cone bird feeders. You’ll spend a few minutes outside gathering pine cones and then even more time waiting for a few feathery friends to come take a bite.

2. Build a Backyard Teepee

Building a backyard teepee is the upgraded version of backyard camping. With the help of this tutorial you and your little ones can make an addition to your back yard that will surely become an inspiration for plenty of backyard adventures.

3. Play Basketball

A pick up of basketball is a great way to get you and your kids’ blood pumping.  In addition to getting your kids outside for a little while, playing basketball can help your little ones’ learn sportsmanship, hand-eye-coordination, and how to be a team player. If you don’t have a park with a basketball hoop nearby, try installing one in your driveway, or purchase a standalone one online or at your local sports store.

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4. Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

Plan a scavenger hunt in your backyard or a local park. You can easily make a list of clues and hide fun trinkets around your yard. Or, turn it into a learning experience. Look up common wildlife and plants and go for a walk. Check off each item as you come across it. You don’t have to finish the whole list in one outing. In fact, you can create a longer list and make completing it together your motivation for getting outside more.

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