Will You Be My Valentine?

Choosing what to do for Valentine’s is the second hardest thing you’ll do after asking your Valentine on a date. Your traditional Valentine’s date typically consist of dinner and a movie, but it’s time for you to break the mold and choose a new date idea for Valentine’s Day. Pick an idea and make a one-of-a-kind experience out of these activities that will leave Cupid jealous.

Ultimate Date Night Ideas

Make Fondue: What’s Valentine’s Day without chocolate or cheese, and you can put you’re spin on the night with your favorite foods dipped in chocolate or cheese fondue. You and your date can find your new favorite duos or enjoy classic favorites such as chocolate covered strawberries.

Take A Scenic Drive: Taking the time to drive through stunning scenic areas can make memories you share with your grandchildren. Go to the beach or mountains and enjoy being with your significant other. Take the time to get to know them better or just talk about your day.

Plan A Movie Marathon: This is great if you and your partner have a favorites movie series. You can make snacks, put on your comfy clothes, and sit on the couch binge watching your favorite movies. This could also be the time that you introduce a new movie to your partner.

Play At An Arcade: Bring out your inner child and get competitive. Fill your night with skee-ball or classic video games. See who can score the most points by the end of the night, and just enjoy being around each other. Also, what’s not to love about winning your Valentine a cute arcade toy.

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What’s Your Valentine’s Date Look Like

Don’t be like everyone else, choose to be different and take your date on a fun adventure. This could be a way to find new hobbies or just to enjoy quality time together. This February get creative and think outside of the box. No matter if it’s going somewhere or staying home there are plenty of options that add a pleasant spin on Valentine’s Day.

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