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How To Spend Labor Day Weekend

Happy senior couple enjoying making barbecue for their family
It's almost Labor Day weekend! It's time to soak in the last sounds of summer, kick back, relax, and enjoy the long weekend with these activities. One Last Road Trip If you didn't travel as much as you would have liked to this summer, now is your chance. The kids are out... [read more]

Enjoy These Activities Before Summer Ends

Tie-dye t-shirts hanging on the rope outdoors on a terrace
Have you exhausted all of your summer plans? You have taken the kids for a swim, walked through every museum, read every book in the public library, and even taken a few much-needed vacations, but your kids are getting bored on hot summer days. If you still have a couple... [read more]

Easy And Yummy Back-To-School Lunch Ideas

Healthy school lunch consisting of brown cheese roll, fresh carrots and kiwi fruit and apple
School is back in session and we know what that means for busy moms and dads all over - chaos! There's homework to complete, late-night soccer practices, endless grocery runs, and of course, early morning lunches to pack. If you want to make sure your child is receiving good nutrition... [read more]

Make Your Car Smell As Good As New

good smelling car
You probably spend time every day in your car. Because of this, you want it to be comfortable and pleasant to ride in. A dirty car can be embarrassing and frustrating. Furthermore, a dirty vehicle is likely to be smelly. Other people may not want to ride with you. Plus,... [read more]