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Take A Sip Of This Earl Grey Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate Mug
Colder months are here. That means it's time for the unmistakable aroma of smoke wafting from fireplaces and firepits across local neighborhoods, delighting our olfactory senses. It puts you in the mood for a nice mug of hot chocolate. Even better? A nice mug of hot chocolate with tea. It's... [read more]

Save Money With These Grocery Shopping Hacks

people buying groceries at a store
Nobody wants to overpay for groceries, but finding a deal can take some hunting. Fortunately, there’s a variety of strategies available to keep costs low while you stock up at the store. When you get ready for your next grocery run, try out these convenient shopping tips to save on... [read more]

Play It Safe As A Pedestrian This Halloween

view of a father and his daughter wearing a Halloween costume. They are trick-or-treating around the homes of the local neighbourhood
Halloween will soon be upon us. When Halloween night arrives, there will be people driving into neighborhoods, children will be walking along the road to each house, and it will be dark. While you and your young children have fun collecting candy, be sure to play it safe as a... [read more]

Visit Highlands Museum And Discovery Center

Kids in Modern Art Museum
Keeping the kids entertained can sometimes be a challenge. If you are looking to shake up your typical routine, then you need to make plans to bring your kids to visit the Highlands Museum and Discovery Center this weekend. River Life The Ohio River has played an integral part in the lives of... [read more]

Easy Crockpot Dinners To Try This Season

One of the joys of the fall season is coming home from to work to the wonderful smell of a hearty meal that your Crock Pot has already cooked. The slow-cooker or Crock Pot has become an indispensable tool in the kitchen, because -- let's be honest here -- no... [read more]

Tips For A Successful Camping Trip

There's just something about the great outdoors. And now that it's not too hot -- and not yet too cold -- it's time to head outdoors and take in the scenic beauty of nature. We love a great camping trip, but there are ways to ensure you have the best... [read more]

You’ll Want S’more Of These Fall Recipes

Down Angle of Chocolate Chip Cookie S’more
  The s’more is a classic American treat that is the perfect dessert to have just about all year long. When you roast that marshmallow in the glow of the fire as you chat with family and friends, it rekindles feelings of youth. While the original s’more is delicious on its... [read more]

Tips For Running Safely This Autumn

Close up of runner’s feet running in autumn leaves training exercise
  For some, the crisp autumn air seems to give them more energy. This time of year, you will see plenty of people donning the beanies and lacing up their sneakers for an early morning jog or walk. The weather is ideal, and it is a great excuse to catch up... [read more]

Clean Your House This Season For The Holidays

Man cleaning the leaves out of his gutter
  The holidays will soon be here. Everyone is transitioning from the summer decorations to their favorite holiday home accents. Before you start donning your house is wreaths, garlands, cornucopias, lights, and more, make sure your home is spick and span for the holiday season with this fall cleaning checklist to... [read more]

Which Is Best For You: New Vs. Used

New Car or Used Car keys
There are a ton of questions involved with hunting for a new vehicle. Is a van or an SUV a better vehicle for a large family?  Should you get a gas or diesel engine in your truck? Lease or finance? And on and on. Perhaps one of the biggest questions... [read more]