How To Add Simple Luxuries To Your Life

Cheerful young Asian woman lying on bed enjoying the weekend, watching movie on laptop and eating popcorn at home in the evening

Sometimes you simply need to unplug and reset, and no, this is not about your laptop or any other electronic device. You need to sometimes reset yourself and give yourself some grace. We can’t all make a trip to a luxury spa at a moment’s notice when we need to reset our life. There are, however, many simple luxuries you can add to your life to help you relax.

Coffee or Tea

Sometimes you just need a little pick-me-up. An afternoon cup of coffee with your favorite coffee creamer or a warm cup of Earl Grey with milk can make all the difference to help you finish the work day strong.

Curl Up with a Good Book

Maybe you cannot read an entire book in one sitting, but simply removing yourself from your phone and grabbing a book can be a great way to recharge. Do not worry about whether it is a self-help book or a biography. If you are reading Lord of the Rings for the tenth time, then do what you need to unplug from the hustle of life.

Take a Walk

Sometimes you just need to get out. There’s just something about fresh air and sunshine that is good for our health. Go on a walk. Whether you head for the mountains or can only take the time to walk around your neighborhood, it can be a great way to appreciate nature and reset your mindset.

Take a Long Shower or Bath

After a long day, do not feel guilty for taking a long hot shower or bath. Put on your favorite playlist, light some candles, and use some shower steamers or bubbles.

Upgrade Your Hand Soaps

If you have been using the same generic hand soap for a while, then you may want to change it up. Opting for a soap with a refreshing floral scent could be that little bit of luxury you need to feel to help you get on with your day.

Snuggle With Your Pet

When the week has been long and you have had enough, go find your four-legged buddy. Cuddling with your pooch can help you release endorphins which give you that feel-good feeling. Find your favorite spot in the house and go cuddle with your sweet pup tonight.

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Movie Night by Yourself

Need a chill evening? Pop a bag of popcorn and watch that movie you have been wanting to see. Don’t worry about watching it by yourself. You won’t have to worry about anyone talking during the best scenes.

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