Prepare Your Home For Spring

Yellow pouf next to rattan armchair on wooden terrace with striped pillows on sofa

Winter is almost over and spring is almost here! Start off your spring cleaning by taking care of some of these tasks by Bob Vila. Deep clean the outside and some easily forgettable inside tasks. Get your house ready with these tips!

Outside Prep

Clean gutters are a great way to start spring! Leaves, animals, and other organic matter get built up in your gutters and it is important to do a good clean. Take spring as your chance to do a deep clean of your gutters before those showers roll in!

Get ready to host for spring by cleaning your backyard furniture! Wipe away any cobwebs or grim and bring out the outdoor pillows. Do not forget to prep your gas grill! Scrape away any rust spots, check the fuel tank and hose for damage, and give the outside and inside a good scrub!

Lawn Maintenance

Service lawn mower if you did not in the fall. Take the time to drain and replace oil, sharpen blades, and lubricate different parts/ Do not forget to wash off all the mud and old grass! Show your lawn some love after the frost is gone by seeding bare spots in your grass. Avoid using weed killer early on to ensure you are not killing new grass. Instead, handpick weeds until the grass is mature. Use fertilizer in late spring for warm-weather grass!

Trim trees and shrubs to prepare your home for spring! Winter wrecks your lawn and you can find dead limbs, broken and/or damaged limbs, and can trim dead bits from shrubs and trees. A little refresh makes the entire difference!

Inside Tasks

Change your air filters in your home. Your HVAC system filter and your range hood will ensure safety. You should also change any water filters in your home, or at least take the chance to check the state of the filters.

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Plant Bulbs

If you want to refresh your lawn for the summer, spring is the ideal time to plant bulbs. Pick some pretty options like dahlias and gladioli! No matter what flowers you pick, you will be sure to love the color they bring to your yard!

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