Stay Entertained This Winter Break

Portraits of smiling and laughing Siblings playing tabletop game at home with Christmas decorations and fire in a chimney

When you are not enjoying the festivities of Christmas, winter break can seem dull. It does not have to be though. There is actually plenty to keep your kids entertained during the winter break. Not sure where to start? Here is a fun list of activities that your kids will enjoy doing during their holiday break.

Game Night

There is nothing more fun to do as a family on a cold winter’s night than to gather around for game night. Shuffle the deck and set up the board games. Make a full night of it by making delicious snacks to nibble on. You could even attempt to make s’mores or cookies with your children for the evening’s festivities.

Dance Party

Move the sofa, turn on Spotify, and have a dance party right in your living room. Let your kids invite some of their friends over to join in on the fun, and they are sure to have a great time. This idea is especially great for young teens who need to exert some pent up energy.

Indoor Snowball Fight

Unfortunately you cannot guarantee that you will get snow where you live, but that shouldn’t stop you from having an indoor snowball fight. You heard that right. Invest in an indoor snowball fight kit, and your kids can have hours of battles without getting all cold and wet.

Go Ice Skating

Want to get your kids out of the house? Try taking them ice skating during the winter break. Many cities put up skating rinks during the winter season. While your kids are taking a spin around the rink, you can grab yourself a cup of hot chocolate.

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Go on a Hike

For another outdoor adventure to do with your children during the winter break, you can take them on a hike. Layer up and find a local state park or any park with a great hiking trail. This will be an optimal time to take cute photos of your children as well.


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