Visit Highlands Museum And Discovery Center

Kids in Modern Art Museum

Keeping the kids entertained can sometimes be a challenge. If you are looking to shake up your typical routine, then you need to make plans to bring your kids to visit the Highlands Museum and Discovery Center this weekend.

River Life

The Ohio River has played an integral part in the lives of those who reside in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Highlands Museum displays the essential role of the Ohio River with several interactive exhibits such as Poage’s Landing: Life on the River, the River Expedition, and the Riverbank.

Country Music

Country music plays a big part in the culture of Kentucky. Visitors of the Highlands Museum and Discovery Center can gain a better understanding of the impact that country music has had in Kentucky when they explore the Country Music Heritage Hall. The Heritage Hall displays artifacts of twelve local musicians who garnered national acclaim.

Step Back Into Time

The Highlands Museum caters to young minds with its interactive exhibits. Young and old alike can walk through exhibits like the C.J. Haeberle Medical Exhibit to experience what it would feel like for a doctor to make house visits late at night on horseback. Other interactive displays include the Opening the New Frontier and the School Daze.

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Know Where You’re Going, By Knowing Where You’ve Been

For residents of Ashland and its surrounding suburbs, it is essential to remember their roots that make up the culture of Kentucky. That is why Highlands Museum and Discovery Center strives to educate visitors of all ages, maintaining a pristine collection of artifacts, and continuing its reputation as a cultural tourist destination. Make the most of your day by visiting the museum with your kids this weekend.

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