Which Is Best For You: New Vs. Used

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There are a ton of questions involved with hunting for a new vehicle. Is a van or an SUV a better vehicle for a large family?  Should you get a gas or diesel engine in your truck? Lease or finance? And on and on. Perhaps one of the biggest questions that car-shoppers should answer before they get too far into their hunt is whether to purchase a new vehicle or a used vehicle, so we’re outlining the benefits of both with the help of the pros over at Car and Driver.

Benefits of Purchasing a New Vehicle

There are a ton of reasons to opt for a new vehicle and the most obvious reason is that – well – it’s new.   You won’t have to worry about whether or not the previous owner kept up with their maintenance schedule. Other perks of purchasing a new car include:

  • Customization Opportunity: You can customize a new car to the exact specification you want. You can often choose the color, engine, appearance packages, safety features, and more.
  • Latest Tech: When you buy new, you can get the latest technology on the market as well.
  • Warranty: Unless you go the certified pre-owned route, it can be hard to find a warranty as good as the warranty on a new vehicle.
  • Financing: you’ll get lower financing rates on a new vehicle, but that doesn’t mean you’ll pay less in the long run.

Benefits of Purchasing a Used Vehicle

If you purchase a pre-owned vehicle, you won’t be the only one to drive it but you’ll get a lot of benefits from that. The first one being that you’ll pay a whole lot less than you would for a new vehicle. Additional wins for used-car buyers include:

  • Dodging the Depreciation Bullet: The largest drop in value for a new car is during its first year of ownership. When you purchased a used car, your purchase doesn’t lose a chunk of value the moment you drive it off the lot.
  • Insurance Rates: Used vehicles generally have less expensive insurance rates.
  • More Choices: When you buy new you can only choose from the latest year models. However, if you want a particular feature that is no longer offered you can still find it in pre-owned vehicle.

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