Does Your Vehicle Need New Tires?


We understand. You don’t want the cost that comes with a new set of tires for your car. But worse is the danger of riding on a bad set. Changing a flat on the side of the road is not the way you want to find out you need new tires. But how do you avoid that unfortunate scenario. How do you answer the question: does your vehicle need new tires? Here are a few signs to look for before you end up having to get out your spare.

Low Tire Tread

Is the tread of your tires getting low? When your tires show signs of wear, your chances of slipping on wet or icy roads is much greater. This is, obviously, very dangerous for you, your passengers, and others on the road. If you think you tread is getting low, bring it in to let our experts examine your tires.

Uneven Tire Wear

Several factors such as incorrectly inflated tires, askew wheels, and more can cause your tread to wear out unevenly. If you notice this, it probably means you need new tires. You may need to ask one of our service technicians if there is another issue that could be causing the problem.

Bubble On The Side

Is there a bubble on the side of your tire? Occasionally a manufacturer’s defect or other issue can lead to this. When it happens, your tire should be replaced immediately.

Cracked Rubber

The heat takes a toll on your tires. It’s just that simple. And over time, that can mean cracks in your rubber. If you notice this, it probably means you need new tires for your vehicle. Come see one of our experts to ask their opinion.

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It’s Just Time

Your manufacturer has a suggested shelf life for your tires, typically about six years. When it’s time – whether the tread is good or not – you should definitely come in to have your tires replaced.

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