Keep Your House Toasty This Winter

red mug of hot drink on a windowsill with a warm blanket, when behind is window is snow

The holidays may be over, but there are still a couple months of winter ahead. There will be plenty of cold days, so be sure that you are prepared. You do not have to crank up the heat to stay warm. Here are some easy and cost-efficient ways to stay warm.

Check That Heating Vents Are Not Blocked

Regardless of whether you are using a room or not, all of your heating vents need to be opened. Closing vents do not save you money. In fact, it causes your HVAC to work harder, which ends up costing you more. If you want to keep your home warm and save money, then make sure that all of your heating vents are actually opened and not blocked by anything.

Use a Door Draft Stopper

No matter how well your home is built, drafts can appear during the winter when the wood around your home shrinks from the cold. These drafts let in a lot of cold air as well as allow warm air from your home to escape. Avoid both problems by install door draft stoppers for any door that leads to the outside.

Open Your Curtains on Sunny Days

It may be below freezing, but when the sun is out, the bright rays can do a lot to radiate heat. That is if you allow the sun’s rays to shine through your home. When it is bright outside on a cold winter day, make sure that you open your curtains and blinds. The heat from the sun will naturally and freely warm up your home.

Bake Goodies

Your home’s oven produces a lot of heat. Make use of that heat during the winter months. Whip up a delicious casserole for dinner or cookies for dessert. By using the oven, you are actually killing two birds with one stone: warming your home and baking something yummy.

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Reverse Your Ceiling Fan

This last tip may not even be on your radar. A quick and easy way to warm up your home is by reversing the movement of your ceiling fan. The ceiling fan during the summer moves clockwise, which pulls the heat up towards the ceiling. There is actually a way to reverse the movement of your ceiling fan with a tiny switch on the fan. By turning on the switch, it reverse the fan to move in a counter-clockwise direction. This will push down whatever heat there is back into the central part of the room.

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