Ideas For Hosting A Christmas Party

happy friends with sparklers at christmas dinner

It is the most wonderful time of the year where you can gather with family and friends. If you are planning on hosting a Christmas party this year, then do not stress. When you follow these simple tips for planning and hosting, any event this holiday season can be a joyous and stress-free.

Prune Down the Guest List

Sometimes a party can be too crowded. Extra numbers can bring unnecessary stress. Do not feel obligated to invite everyone you know. Invite your core group of friends. You won’t feel responsible having to go around introducing people to one another because everyone should already know each other. Also, less people means less food you will have to prepare, which will save you money.

Skip the Custom Invitations

If you want to find ways to save money on your party, then forgo the expensive invitations. No one needs a custom made Christmas card. Simply invite your friends in an email, Facebook event, or even a group text. The great thing about inviting your friends this way is that your group of friends can communicate about the event, like what to bring, what to wear, time and address, and any questions your friends may have.

Host a Potluck

Another way to save yourself money and your sanity is to host a potluck . You do not have to make every dish for the event. Offer to make the main dish like a roast turkey, honey-glazed ham, or a big pot of soup, and let your friends bring drinks, appetizers, sides, and desserts. You can even let that one friend who is not good at making anything bring the paper plates, disposable cups, and plastic cutlery.

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Use What You Have to Decorate

Another great thing about hosting a Christmas party is that you do not have to buy separate decorations for the party. The decorations you already have set up for Christmas are more than enough to create a festive ambiance. This will save you money as well as time setting up for the party as your home is most likely already decorated for the season.

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