Play It Safe As A Pedestrian This Halloween

view of a father and his daughter wearing a Halloween costume. They are trick-or-treating around the homes of the local neighbourhood

Halloween will soon be upon us. When Halloween night arrives, there will be people driving into neighborhoods, children will be walking along the road to each house, and it will be dark. While you and your young children have fun collecting candy, be sure to play it safe as a pedestrian. There are a few safety tips that are sure to keep you and your loved ones this Halloween.

Be Visible

Whether you start at dusk or later into the evening, you want to ensure that drivers can see you as a pedestrian. Consider your costume and/or outfit for that evening. Use reflective tape on your costume. You can also carry glow sticks or a flashlight.

Stay On the Sidewalk

If possible, the smartest thing you can do to keep yourself and your children safe while trick-or-treating is to stay on the sidewalk. However, not all neighborhoods have sidewalks. Should this be the case, then you need to walk facing traffic and as close to the curb as possible. When a car comes in your direction, assume that it cannot see you, so step aside out of the way and wait for the vehicle to pass before you continue.

Correctly Cross the Street

Be alert when you are crossing the street by adhering to the rules of the road. If there is a traffic signal, then follow the directions of the signal before crossing the road. Should there not be a traffic signal, you need to look both ways before crossing.

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Be Smart

Whatever your plans are for the evening of Halloween, just be smart. Make sure you have family and friends with you and obey the rules of the road.

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