Tips On How To Reset For The New Year

Businesswomen writing 2023 goals on notebook for new year resolution plan.

When your phone or laptop needs an update, you usually have to shut it down to let it reset. The same thing is needed at the end of the year when you need a refresh. Before you can tackle on the new year, you need to readjust and balance your life. Here are some tips on how you can reset for the new year.

Say Goodbye

Before you say ‘hello’ to the new year, you need to say ‘goodbye’ to things that are cluttering up and not adding to your life. Unfollow those accounts that only bring you stress when you see their posts, quit those habits that add nothing to your life, and let go of any activity that drains you.

Stock on Whole Foods

While you need to take care of yourself mentally, you also need to care for yourself physically if you want to truly be refreshed. One way to take care of your body is by fueling it with healthy food. In the days leading up to the new year, you need to clear your pantry and refrigerator of any junk food, so you can restock them with whole foods.


You cannot take on new challenges in the upcoming year, if you are still pent up by the stress from the past year. Take this week leading up to the new year to unwind. Whether that is taking a couple spin classes, soaking in the tub, or heading to the spa for a massage and pedicure, you need to find ways to relax from everything that brought your stress from the last year.

Reflect on Your Blessings

While there were certainly some valley moments this past year, you definitely had moments of blessing and triumph. Focus on the good things that occurred this past year and what you were able to get through. Did you learn a new skill? Visit somewhere you’ve never been? Took on a new role at the office? Reflect on those blessings and let them motivate you to create more great memories for the new year.

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Consider How to Stay Restful

While you have taken this week to reset for the new year, consider how you can stay in this restful state throughout the upcoming year. Recognize what things can trigger you or set you off, and try to avoid putting yourself in stressful situations when possible. Know, however, that demanding situations will arise, so find ways that help you to destress and bring you back into a relaxed state.

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